Alternative Windows Console


Alternative Windows(tm) Console - extended interface to Windows shell



  • a nice tabbed interface and dockable windows
  • full screen mode
  • session manager (saving all opened sessions - easy come back to previous work)
  • extended shell commands like history, cd-, or files and folders suggestions after pressing [Tab]
  • colors in console - defined by regular expressions in configuration
  • quick access to your scripts and possibility of organizing them into functional tree
  • easy copy-paste console buffer
  • save console buffer to the text file
  • no columns and rows limitation (word wrapping for lines is available as well)
  • user friendly searching in console buffer (regular expressions as well)
  • highlighting found word occurrences
  • advanced process killer (you can manage all child processes launched from your console)
  • integration with PuTTY (working with existing PuTTY binary, or allow you to download it directly from the official page, export/import PuTTY sessions to single file, organize PuTTY sessions in tree in intuitive and easy way)
  • custom launcher buttons
  • plugins based architecture - create your own plugins in easy way!

Download it for free for any use!